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make happiness at work a reality

This is the best place to start if you’re ready to make happiness at work a reality. I’ve created some resources, courses and trainings to help tackle the real life and work happiness challenges that exist in today’s world of work.

Have a look below to see which options fit best for you!

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Be Happy first

Whether it’s stressful relationships, no routines for self care or negative self talk, there are numerous reasons why our happiness levels can take a nose dive. However, improving your happiness in life and at work truly starts within. By taking time to reflect on what’s working and what needs to change, you can build stronger happiness rituals and actions that will ripple out and create successful changes in all areas of your life and work.

Using 7 simple evidence-based steps, this course is designed to help elevate your happiness levels in a purposeful way. Bitesize information, exercises, tools and resources you can immediately apply for yourself, will help you step out into the world feeling happier, more confident, stress free and ready to conquer any challenges that come your way.

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How do you want to work?

When you are considering a new career change or thinking about starting a portfolio career, it’s best to lay some great foundations and find out what you actually need and want vs running around in confusion.

This free workbook helps you identify and reflect on:

  • what type of work you like doing

  • who you work best with

  • how you work most effectively

Grab a drink, get your notepad and pen and take some time to pause, reflect and get real about what you want your future work to look like. A successful portfolio career starts with knowing what brings you the most joy and how you can bring your best self to your work.

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Build a portfolio career

If you’ve ever dreamed of escaping the nine to five, a portfolio career might be for you. But what is it?

“A portfolio career is a collection of multiple strands of work (that might include part-time employment, freelancing or self-employment) that when combined are the equivalent to or more than a full-time strand of work.”

As the world of work changes, portfolio careers are an increasingly popular alternative to a traditional full-time job, putting you in control of your time and earnings.

This self-paced course mixes bitesize audio and video lessons to help you build a successful portfolio career. You’ll learn how to combine your multiple interests, leverage your skills, create a personal brand and market your portfolio to get work all without burning out.

“This Portfolio Career course gave me lots of creative ideas to make a portfolio career a reality as well as some super practical tools to get going. Samantha was inspiring and a great example of why it can work! Samantha’s framework will make sure you can build on your ideas!”


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create growth & happiness

Are you passionate about workplace development, wellness and helping others? The Growth & Happiness School helps you turn that passion into a career that you (and your employees) will love. Whether it’s with your current company or you’re looking to branch out as a solo happiness facilitator, our curriculum provides you with the skills you need to boost happiness, foster wellbeing and drive growth at work.

This ICF accredited course fuses the latest findings in positive psychology, neuroscience, philosophy and culture development, into practical, busy-proof steps.

Happiness at work toolkit.png

Happiness at work toolkit

Ready to spark the change you wish to see in your happiness at work and others? It all starts here!

Our Happiness at Work Toolkit is the first step in the journey, cultivating your understanding of our Four Happiness Pillars which are core to our Create Growth & Happiness programme. You will explore each of these pillars and learn the role they play in creating happiness for others. This jam-packed toolkit provides resources and insights into our philosophies to ignite the right mindset and habits needed to become a facilitator of happiness.

“As I understood more about the theory and how it could be applied in practise, I started to think more actively about how I could bring happiness and team cohesion to my newly formed department. I walked away with a plan of action to achieve that, to be a better leader myself and to shape other leaders around me.”

Claire Donald

Moo, Culture Manager UK

If you’re looking for more and want to work with Samantha directly, you’re not alone.

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“A HUGE thank you Samantha! The delivery and content was incredible! The content was spot on for our requirements and we couldn't have picked a better speaker for our employees. Look forward to working with you again"

Josh Krichefski

CEO, MediaCom UK