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“A HUGE thank you Samantha! The delivery and content was incredible! The content was spot on for our requirements and we couldn't have picked a better speaker for our employees. Look forward to working with you again"

Josh Krichefski

CEO, MediaCom UK



I love to join the dots, be a catalyst for great ideas and support & inspire change. Together we will hack your problems and craft the roadmap towards the change you desire.



My provocative keynote talks/workshops inspire founders & business leaders to create more conscious, happier workplaces and help employees bring their best selves to work.


ONLINE programmes

Whether you want to find your work happiness or help create happiness at work for individuals and companies, there are courses for you to learn more.

"It was very obvious that Samantha loves what she does and cares about helping people. She genuinely cared about the problem we were having on our team and thought very critically about what could be done to help solve it. We appreciate Samantha’s hard work and dedication. She is a very talented woman and I, and my team, enjoyed working with her"

Alexandra Middleton

Shopify Studio Team



The effects of poor company culture, work opportunities and toxic unhappy work environments equals poor mental wellbeing at work, high employee turnover, increased absenteeism and low talent attraction. l’ve created four Signature Happiness Pillars to help companies identify where the issues are and what needs to change to create a happier culture and work environment.    


Help individuals to naturally seek more positive emotions at work and skyrocket their mindset, resilience, confidence and self leadership for success.


Discover joyous and authentic ways to connect with others to build more high quality relationships. Create the space for authentic listening for professional success.


Create more meaning at work and purpose in your company or work. Identify the processes and habits that need to change to empower individuals to also create their own work happiness.


Adopt preventative approaches to stress and anxiety caused by tech distractions and avoid burnout by creating strategies to increase calm, flow and focus.

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I’d recommend Samantha to anyone looking to shift the paradigm and sometimes rigid frameworks around L&D. It was a fantastic experience with a speaker who brought energy, passion, thoughtfulness, attention and relevance to all the session. We look forward to working together again.”


Organisational Development Manager, NHS North West 


“I met Samantha when she was running a leadership course at The Guardian. She talked about her work with businesses and I liked her relaxed but effective style of training. Samantha has been great for seeing what the issues are and diving straight into solving them. She helped me create a framework of systems and processes to help set up our happiness programme and to help me know what's going on in the business from a people (and financial) perspective.

Anna Cusden, MD

Look Fabulous Forever


Samantha worked with us on a year-long programme which was centred around helping our General Managers and Head Chefs better understand what it is that makes them happy and how they can achieve more happiness in their lives. It certainly was a worth-while investment. The group who went through the programme are all still with us now and have a much better understanding about what it is that makes them happy and how that ripples out to their teams. We also now have a shared language and understanding about team happiness, which has helped our collective learnings from the programme to spread throughout Dishoom.

Andy O'Callaghan

Talent-walla, Dishoom


Take a seat and listen to Samantha in conversation with guests ranging from technologists, psychologists and founders, to communication experts, mindfulness experts and smart city designers (so far Gerd Leonhard, Pamela Pavlisck, Tom Chatfield, Nir Eyal, Oliver Burkemann, Shawn Achor, Roman Krznaric, Dasho Karma Ura and more).

The podcast focuses on the impact of technology on happiness, growth and change in the workplace, our lives and the cities we live in.


  • useful ways to build better relationships across tech platforms

  • insight on how to prepare your workforce & for the impact of future work evolutions

  • ways of embracing technology whilst managing anxiety and mental wellbeing in your teams

  • practical steps to build more empathy and EI at work