Keynote on " How to Be Happy"  for whole company away day

Keynote on "How to Be Happy" for whole company away day

"A HUGE thank you Samantha! The delivery and content was incredible! The content was spot on for our requirements and we couldn't have picked a better speaker for our employees. Look forward to working with you again" Josh Krichefski, CEO, MediaCom UK

"An absolutely flawless talk"

"She was my favourite talk of the day"

"Loved her presentation, so much food for thought"

DADI - Happiness and Change consulting

DADI - Happiness and Change consulting

"The happiness function at DADI+ is something we are particularly proud about and Sam has been a key factor in making it a success. We are hugely appreciative of everything Sam has done to promote the culture at DADI+ since she has been with us." Chris Mair, Founder, DADI+

Studio Team - virtual consulting

Studio Team - virtual consulting

"It was very obvious that Samantha loves what she does and cares about helping people. She genuinely cared about the problem we were having on our team and thought very critically about what could be done to help solve it. We appreciate Samantha’s hard work and dedication. She is a very talented woman and I, and my team, enjoyed working with her" - Alexandra Middleton, Shopify Studio Team

2hr " Leadership Awareness Workshop"  as part of a management away day

2hr "Leadership Awareness Workshop" as part of a management away day

"Thank you very much for your time today. The workshop and content was spot on! Had some great feedback from the team already! Success!" Adrian Allen, Operations and Chief Talent Director at AKA UK


“I LOVED the content of this and the theory/deeper thinking involved. We all did on our table. Was a great bonding mechanic as took us somewhat away from our work heads.”

“Some very interesting points in her presentation eg personal blind spots”

“Refreshing. Direct. Informative. Tangible. Challenging and Motivating.”

“Professional and concise delivery.”

“Positive session with definite things to take away. My favourite of the day.”

“Some interesting and fresh perspectives and really helped us self analysis. Would like to work with her for a smaller group workshop e.g. Account Directors or HODs.”

“She is someone I'd like to have one to one training with.”

“Brilliant workshop leader, follow up workshops would be really useful.”

Masterclass on tackling challenges and building resilience as an entrepreneur

Masterclass on tackling challenges and building resilience as an entrepreneur

We were hosting masterclass events for budding entrepreneurs and small business owners as part of Global Entrepreneur Week. We needed a Masterclass Lead to run an interactive development session for 45minutes on 'Taking on Challenges and developing resilience in entrepreneurs and Samantha was a great fit. She has worked with founders in the past and met expectations in her delivery of the masterclass. 

The attendees were able to go away with practical tips to improve resilience, techniques for recognising the importance of building an entrepreneurial support network and the skills to create the right frameworks for success. 
Samantha contributed to a smooth-running, successful masterclass event and is an excellent speaker who engages with her audience and provides practical tips to help them develop personally. I would recommend her to anyone considering booking her. Jen Welch and Natalie Campbell, Virgin Media Pioneers & A Very Good Company

Founder consulting and coaching 

Founder consulting and coaching 

We got Samantha on board to manage a process of change within our rapidly expanding business.  We are a family run business and with changing roles. Tricia moving from MD to CEO and myself into MD. There was a need for clarity and understanding so that we could successfully transition into the next phase of the business. As well build company culture and happiness foundations to take on new hires successfully after investment.

I met Samantha when she was running a leadership course at The Guardian. She talked about her work with businesses and I liked her relaxed but effective style of training.  

The top three things Samantha has instilled in me so far are:

  • An elevated belief in myself and my capabilities to be a strong and compassionate leader
  • A framework of systems and processes to help me know what's going on in the business from a people (and financial) perspective.
  • The confidence to push back and to assert myself effectively when challenged by those around me (i.e investors, board)

Samantha has been great for seeing what the issues are and diving straight into solve them. Within 10 minutes of starting the coaching session, she had me doing role plays. It's not just talking, it's definitely action too!  She also followed up with lots of notes which will help me to sustain what I learnt in our sessions.

I really enjoyed working with Samantha - she was fun to be with, personable, intellectually inquisitive, business savvy and our sessions flew by.  Anna Cusden, MD, Look Fabulous Forever

Speaker at innocent un-plugged and workshop facilitation

Speaker at innocent un-plugged and workshop facilitation

We worked with Samantha for innocent un-plugged, a two day ‘off the grid’ event which encouraged people to get off line and get back to nature. Samantha was part of our ‘Inspires’ stage line up, and it’s fair to say her talk was one of the most popular of the weekend, with a very enthusiastic and engaged audience.

Off the back of her innocent un-plugged talk, we invited Samantha to work with us on our Coconut Water campaign. With the theme of the campaign being ‘always chilled’, Samantha really brought this to life with a workshop on how to 'stay chilled' in difficult situations such as co-worker relationships, workplace conflict and feelings of anxiety or overwhelm. 

Samantha’s personable manner, and honest informative presentations really engaged the crowd and we found that people were very willing to speak about themselves and pose questions in a relaxed setting. We could instantly see how valuable it was to have someone who was qualified to talk on the very subjective topic of ‘happiness’.

Book a good amount of time for Q&As after her talks as her content also provokes food for thought and plenty of questions; don’t underestimate how interested people are in pursuing their own happiness at work (and in life)! From a professional perspective, we would 100% work with Samantha for either press campaigns, festivals or internal workshops again. On a personal level, she has been a delight to work with and willing to go the extra mile. Eleanor O’Leary, UK PR Manager

Opening keynote on Happiness at Work

Opening keynote on Happiness at Work

It was a pleasure working with Samantha for our 4th Annual of GOV HR Summit that took place in Abu Dhabi. Her keynote on happiness gave the perfect opening start for the summit. Linking happiness to the HR role and making the government and public sector entities in the region understand the model for implementation was the key objective of the session which was brilliantly delivered. Given the emphasis on driving happiness in the UAE to boost employee productivity and building a positive and coherent society, we couldn’t have made a better choice for the session at such a critical event, that brings together government officials from across the GCC. We hope to work with her again!! Ms. Prachi Dawar, Head Conference Producer, GOV HR Summit, QNA International LLC, Dubai, UAE

Full day workshop on 'Potential' for Senior team leaders, Heads of LD & HR

Full day workshop on 'Potential' for Senior team leaders, Heads of LD & HR

Samantha lead an excellent day workshop on 'potential', which sparked our curiosity about the working of our own minds and the world around us. Pizza Hut is in the business of serving others, of looking after people while they are with us for an hour or so. This makes us dependent on the mindset and behaviours of every single 'Hutter'. So, a crucial question for us was 'how do we get the best out of ourselves and our teams?'. Samantha helped us do this with confidence, grace, insightful intellect and practical examples to get us thinking of how we could bring about the best of every single 'Hutter'. Vanessa Dodd (Head of L&D) & Kathryn Austin (HR & Marketing Director), Pizza Hut .

Panel, report contributor and workshop facilitator

Panel, report contributor and workshop facilitator

"I had the pleasure to work with Samantha earlier this year as part of a report a client had commissioned on the power of colour. I came across Samantha purely by chance when researching happiness consultants. Samantha was a key contributor to our report and also attended an event with us in Barcelona attended by some of the worlds leading colourists in the industry. Her warm, natural and sunny approach made Samantha the perfect speak on our panel of experts. We look forward to working with her again in the future." Suzy Socker, Associate Director, Ketchum

Build a Portfolio Career Workshop

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