Episode 22 - Samantha & Tom Chatfield and Nir Eyal

The Summer Series - The Power of Two

As the summer picks up and we retreat to take some relaxation time, here at Conversations with Samantha & we have created the Summer Series called the "Power of Two".

Over the next few weeks we've created some fusion episodes which showcase compilations from some of our past popular interview guests and previously unreleased material to provide key answers to overarching themes and strategic advise to help you make real changes in your life and at work.  

In today's episode you will hear Dr Tom Chatwell and Nir Eyal tackle the task of helping us to use technology well. 

In this episode you will learn:

Part 1 - The cycle of tech addiction

Q1 Tom - 0.24

Q2 Nir - 3.08

Part 2 - How to unplug when your time is not your own

Q3 Tom - 5.31

Q4 Nir - 10.01

Part 3 - The importance of re-educating yourself and noticing your triggers

Q5 Tom - 12.27

Q6 Nir - 14.49

Part 4 - Tips for balancing tech with life and the workplace

Q7 Tom - 18.58

Q8 Nir - 21.13

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