Episode 21 - Samantha & Ben Gateley / Charlie HR

Keeping a company people focused

In a quest to dig deeper into the complication relationship between happiness and tech, I wanted to get to the heart of what's really working in companies and what's not when it comes to technological distractions, company culture and employee wellbeing and development. 

As part of our continued happiness and tech startup series, this fourth interview meets with Ben Gateley co-founder and COO of Charlie HR.  Ben believes that the key feature in all companies is the people and with Charlie HR software saves you time on the admin, so you can get to the heart of what's really affects the success or failure of any business.

In this episode you will learn:

2.54 What is Charlie HR and how was it founded
5.16 Thinking about your people right from the beginning
7.54 The Charlie company culture
9.54 Encouraging self awareness
11.32 Setting a bad example in the workplace
14.30 Helping employees find a work life harmony
16.03 Happiness at Charlie
18.25 Combating stress in the workplace
23.12 Tips for developing people and culture
24.38 What makes Ben happy

Enjoyed listening to Ben? Fab! Find out more about CharlieHR here:

Website: www.charliehr.co

Twitter: @gateley

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