Episode 20 - Samantha & Your Questions

How can I get to know my employees deeper without being too intrusive?

In my newsletters I often include some of the top questions I’m asked that month by clients. However one lovely reader pointed out recently that they would love to know the answers to some of the questions posed as they are struggling with similar. So it will be business as usual with interviews with myself and one other but randomly sprinkled with some Q&A sessions with yours truly!

So this episode question is...

I want to get to know my employees but what can I ask that will help me to know them deeper without being too intrusive?

Listen to the answers here:

Samantha has four key questions that align with her four pillars for Growth and Happiness at work.

These questions will help to build better relationship and increase trust between you and your team.

[3.18] First pillar - Head and Heart

This pillar is about finding more contentment in everyday activities and naturally seeking more positive emotions.

[3.39] What one thing did you do today to move out of your comfort zone?

And if you haven’t done anything yet, how can we push you forwards?

[4.35] Second pillar - Work and Life

This pillar is about establishing company purpose and integrity. It looks at the processes and systems that exist in the company and which might need to change.

[5.20] What excited you about joining this company and does it still hold true today?

[6.15] Third pillar - Communicate and Connect

This pillar is about building better relationships, taking time to build communication between the team, suppliers, people and management.

[6.44] What is getting in the way of good communication in your workplace? What is the tone of current communication - positive or negative?

[7.29] - fourth pillar - Digital and Mindful

This pillar is about the preventative approach, creating strategies for focus and a feeling of flow in the workplace.

[7.52] What did you create this morning before consuming your work emails?

Create would mean anything that helped you move towards a personal goal, for example

Making time for breakfast, having a good conversation or reading a book.

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