Episode 23 - Samantha & Pamela Pavliscak and Roman Krznaric


As the summer picks up and we retreat to take some relaxation time, here at Conversations with Samantha & we've created a Summer Series called the "Power of Two".

Over the next few weeks we've created some fusion episodes which showcase compilations from some of our past popular interview guests and previously unreleased material to provide key answers to overarching themes and strategic advise to help you make real changes in your life and at work.  

In today's episode you will hear Pamela Pavliscak and Roman Krznaric discuss how we can remain empathetic across technological platforms and 

In this episode you will learn:

1. How our relationships are evolving with technology

Roman - 1.57

Pamela - 3.47

2. Building empathy across platforms and in technology

Roman - 5.43

Pamela - 8.24

Roman - 11.59

Pamela - 14.17

3. How companies can adopt different practices to become more tuned in to employees

Roman - 15.59

Pamela - 17.43

4. Developing richer and more emotionally complex interactions 

Roman - 21.59

Pamela - 23.36



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