Episode 19 - Samantha & Jane Bright / Bloom & Wild

Head of People & Talent..we've finally got one! Now what?

In a quest to dig deeper into the complication relationship between happiness and tech, I wanted to get to the heart of what's really working in companies and what's not when it comes to technological distractions, company culture and employee wellbeing and development. 

As part of our continued happiness and tech Start up series, this third interview meets with Jane Bright who has just started at Bloom & Wild as their Head of People & Talent. Bloom and Wild is a floral delivery system and a fast growth company recognised by the Future 50 Programme. The Future 50 is part of Tech City and they support businesses who are going through rapid expansion. We discuss the unique challenges of a fast growing company that is ready to lay some real people foundations as they scale. Previously it was all hands on deck to tackle the people challenges. Jane discusses her mission to elevate the people, spread happiness and create the right framework for growth.

In this episode you will learn: 

1.24 Who are Bloom and Wild and the Future 50 Programme

3.21 Reflecting the joy of flowers internally and keeping staff happy

4.52 Building a happy culture while the company rapidly expands

9.03 Picking people for the values teams

10.25 Key people issues in the workplace

15.12 The balance between technology and work culture

19.15 Key legacy points for Bloom and Wild

20.15 Measuring company happiness


Enjoyed listening to Jane? Fab! Find out more about Bloom & Wild here:

Website: www.bloomandwild.com

Twitter: @BloomandWild