Episode 18 - Samantha & Adam Popeck/Raising IT

What is this charity tech company doing to stay happy?

In a quest to dig deeper into the complication relationship between happiness and tech, I wanted to get to the heart of what's really working in companies and what's not when it comes to technological distractions, company culture and employee wellbeing and development. 

As part of our continued happiness and tech Start up series, this second interview meets with Adam Popeck, COO of Raising IT. Raising IT is the UK’s leading charity and fund raising platform. We discuss the unique challenges of a small start up with distributed teams, measuring happiness and how they plan to scale and keep the culture going.

In this episode you will learn: 

1.48 The working culture at Raising IT

4.30 Past and future techniques for improving culture 

7.01 Managing stress throughout remote teams 

9.52 Monitoring happiness

14.43 Overcoming technology problems in the workforce 

17.51 Plans for developing company culture in the future

23.03 What makes Adam happy?

Enjoyed listening to Adam? Fab! Find out more about Raising IT here:

Website:  www.raisingit.com