Episode 13 Samantha & Your questions

How do I successfully implement a happiness strategy?

In my newsletters I often include sme of the top questions I’m asked that month by clients. However one lovely reader pointed out recently that they would love to know the answers to some of the questions posed as they are struggling with something similar. So it will be business as usual with interviews with myself and one other but randomly sprinkled with some Q&A sessions with yours truly!

So first question is...

I’m not sure I know the best ways to keep our employees engaged and I think it’s time to think about a happiness strategy. My founders are not very aware of happiness consultancy – I’m not sure whether they will buy into the idea,  I need to show them how this is going to help the the company in the long run and I guess the bottom line. I believe we can afford more nights out and other perks but it all seems like costs I’m not sure we can wholly afford right now..

Can you help?

Listen to the answers here:

1.23 The listener question - how to implement a happiness strategy

3.30 4 steps to create an effective strategy

3.50 Consult the team and collect data

4.38 What is the data telling you?

5.08 Are these problems that can be solved by a free lunch or gym pass?

6.08 Keep employees at the heart of the business

6.43 Align your happiness strategy with your business culture and values

8.55 4 key cornerstones for happiness

8.21 Other important decisions to make

9.08 Educating, implementing and communicating

10.26 Measuring the outcomes of these changes