Episode 15 - Samantha & Kevin George

Emotional intelligence, masculinity and football

In this episode I wanted to take a slight detour from the world of office work to looking at the importance of emotional intelligence in other worlds of work. Who better to have as a guest than Kevin George, together we take a look at how emotional intelligence in schools, prisons and sports teams to help young men. Kevin has a fascinating journey from professional footballer and then qualifying as an NLP practitioner. He talks about his hopes for education, how to encourage more emotional intelligence amongst men and his textured approach to how we can self manage ourselves for increased happiness.

In this episode you will learn:

2.26 How did Kevin fall into his line of work?

4.08 The ethos of a professional footballer

10.31 The issues around emotional literacy with men and boys

17.08 How Kevin trains people to be more resilient

19.48 How can parents and teachers help with emotional literacy?

21.11 Educating people to connect with themselves

34.49 How does Kevin stay happy and replenish what he gives out 

37.13 Tips for finding happiness in your life

42.43 Kevin's new book and what he wants to achieve

Enjoyed listening to Kevin George? Fab! Find out more about him here:

Website:  www.kevin-george.com

Twitter and Instagram: @_KevinGeorge