Episode 14 - Samantha & Nancy Hey

Creating wellbeing initiatives from real data and research 

I had the pleasure of meeting Nancy Hey at an Action for Happiness event and we just clicked over research, data, Bhutan and happiness. 

Nancy Hey is the Director of the What Works Centre for Wellbeing. The centre aims to understand what government/communities/businesses/individuals can do to improve wellbeing. Nancy has had careers in law, coaching and development and is a policy professional and finally found her niche using data and research to support wellbeing initiatives. Together we discuss what it takes for an individual to thrive, how to implement proper wellbeing initiatives in a workplace and how we can combat job loss in the face of automation.

In this episode you will learn:

1.47 What drove Nancy to open up the What Works Centre?

3.56 What does it take to make an individual thrive? 

12.27 First steps for a company to implement a wellbeing strategy

15.51 Technology shaping wellbeing in and out of the workplace 

21.40 What does Nancy do for personal wellbeing?

24.03 Nancy's views on wearables surrounding data and privacy

26.56 Advice for small companies implementing social wellbeing

29.33 Items that we should all be paying more attention to in the wellbeing field

Enjoyed listening to Nancy Hey? Fab! Find out more about her here:

- visiting her site: www.whatworkswellbeing.org

- on twitter: @Work_Life_You or @WhatWorksWB