Episode 12 - Samantha & Chris Flack

Finding a tech life balance with Chris Flack 

In this episode I talk to Chris Flack, founder of Unplug, about his journey to find a balance between life and technology. Unplug works with behavioural change experts to help people engage effectively with technology. He emphasizes that this isn’t about removing tech completely, but finding a balance and creating effective boundaries.

Find out more about the key apps that keep Chris grounded, how to integrate meditation into your daily life and how tech affects children.

In this episode you will learn:

Chris' journey from tech founder to Unplug 2.03

How to we have better conversations about tech overload 3.52

Tips and tools for tech balance in the workplace 6.08

Apps to track tech use 7.37

The mindset for approaching meditation and sticking with it 14.35

Focusing on technology emotional intelligence with clients 20.33

Are emotional and tech issues generational? 22.02

Retreats to look more deeply into tech balance 25.50

Working with children 26.47

Different approach to tech in Generation Z 28.40

How does Chris stay happy 31.04

Enjoyed listening to Chris Flack? Fab! Find out more about him here:

- visiting his site: http://www.unplug.ie

- on twitter: @UnPlugHQ or @suitedyogi