Episode 5 - Samantha & Tom Chatfield

What does it mean to use technology well?

Dr Tom Chatfield is a British writer, broadcaster and tech philosopher and author of six books exploring digital culture – most recently Live This Book!, How to Thrive in the Digital Age and Netymology.  As a consultant and designer, Tom is interested in improving our experiences of digital technology, and in better understanding its use in policy, education and engagement.

In this episode you will learn:

1.29 What does it mean to use technology well?

4.02 Thinking beyond willpower to overcome tech overwhelm

5.52 How to set routines when your time isn’t your own

9.58 How leaders can educate their teams/people about their relationship to tech

13.07 The place for tech in HR and workplace development

16.58 Dealing with the bias and blind spots in HR data

21.30 Finding the time to really understand data in automated organisations 

25.31 Continuing the same level of learning in a remote working company

28.29 The traits for successful remote working 

30.41 How to stay 'human' for success

37.41 How to measure productivity in a more holistic manner

45.31 The role of boredom and it's benefits 

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