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are you ready to love it or leave it?

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So are you ready for a revolution


Yes you heard me correctly.

You thought I was going to write a bog standard career change book, didn’t you? Wrong! This book is the match that will start a fire inside you and get you psyched up for a new kind of work happiness.

The way we work has changed and that change is only accelerating. The advice we were given at school or by parents no longer makes sense in the world of digital nomads, social media overload, tech automation and zero-hour contracts. Even when we think we have our dream job, is it really what we thought it would be? 

This book is designed to shake up who you are, how you feel about work and what it means to you. It will help you navigate the difficult world of modern work and show you how to find a role you love and not be afraid to step away from a job that doesn't bring you joy.

You will discover the choices you have available, because you really do have a choice in your work happiness!

Love it or Leave it Y.jpeg

Love It Or Leave It is for anyone

*Thinking about a career change

*Stuck in a job they hate but worried about throwing away years of experience/training or feeling financially constricted by their options

*Who has landed their dream job but is struggling to enjoy it thanks to a toxic workplace

*Desperate to find a job that will leave them feeling fulfilled

*Keen to manage their mental wellbeing inside (and outside) of work


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are you ready to love it or leave it?

Love it or Leave it Y.jpeg

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