Your workforce is changing. To keep up (or better yet, get ahead of the game) you’ll need innovative ways to develop and elevate your employee’s personal growth, happiness and wellbeing . You also don’t want what “everyone else is doing” because realistically your needs and wants are very different. But perhaps you are confused about which path to follow, look no further, I’ve got you!

Together will we take a look at which of the four happiness pillars in your company needs work and create and deliver customised strategy to:

  • define your mission + vision, purpose + passions, and values + goals

  • upgrade your happiness interactions and practices for employees from their first hello to final goodbye

  • create alignment and cement focus for senior leadership

  • develop your managers and keep your high potential talent engaged

  • create global scalability and consistency of purpose through e-learning

Happy, engaged employees are a competitive advantage. And in the current climate of Brexit, talent shortages and increased automation, the smart companies are the ones with a future focused and holistic approach to employee personal development and work happiness. Investing in your employees wellbeing is an all round win – win.

We will create the right programme for you company whatever the mix whether it’s Happiness Coach-in-residence sessions, retreats, online facilitated training or group alignment & coaching sessions.

Corporate Training options

We’ve created a happiness training programme that is robust and enables individuals whether it be leaders, HR, managers to systematically create growth and happiness for others at work. Our signature programmes provide the best of both worlds with two core areas of emphasis:

1. CREATE GROWTH & HAPPINESS - A dynamic training to drive the connection, happiness, wellbeing and development of others forward. Use our tried and tested culture, happiness and growth techniques to skyrocket your company’s success today. Taking you through our Four Pillar Happiness framework to help you create an environment of success, productivity and happiness in your company.

Why choose the Growth & Happiness training?

  • Convenient - This self-paced program can be started at anytime, anywhere in the world to match your teams and leadership schedules.

  • Curated - Expert insight and evidence-based practices have been selectively brought together to bring the best content to you in 5 different modules.

  • Cost-effective - Create a consistent 'growth & happiness' language across departments and geographies without the additional strain on internal resource.

Choose a learning format that meet your needs:

  • Online - work through all 5 modules online at your own pace. Train your team together, wherever they are in the world.

  • Online facilitated - Join Samantha as she takes you through the online program. Enjoy the flexibility of online training, with the added accountability of a coach.

  • In Person/Blended Learning - Face-to-face learning still has its time and place and you can choose to have Samantha deliver this training partially or fully in person.

  • Create Your Own - create a learning experience that suits the timeframe and learning outcomes you need.

2. LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT - Training to helping leaders/managers to engage the high growth employees who may have one foot in the company and one foot out seeking other opportunities. Provides your leaders/managers with tools and strategies to help top performers seek greater meaning and impact from their work, retain and engage those who may have hit a ceiling or bridge the gap for someone to grow within the company.

- The average manager devotes only 20% of their time to coaching - mostly because they don’t know the best ways create a purposeful company culture, build better relationships and equip individuals with skills and processes so they feel empowered to bring their best selves to work and keep your company growing successfully.

Why choose the Love It or Leave It training?

  • This programme helps to train managers, leaders to have deeper career conversations and pair up the goals of the individual and the company. It also includes the Love It or Leave It (LILI) toolkit for managers/leaders with coaching best practices and powerful questions for one to one employee sessions