Speaking and Workshop Facilitation

Samantha is available for speaking engagements and workshop facilitation, panel discussions or hosting on discussing the impact of technology on our happiness, authentic leadership, managing stress, realising your potential, enhancing communication at work, employee wellbeing and development, leadership, building a portfolio career, happiness at work, increasing emotional intelligence and elevating confidence. 

Samantha will create a safe space for you to think deeply about issues that matter, have critical conversations, share your thoughts, concerns, ideas and experiences with other curious and inspired individuals.

You can see Samantha in action, regularly delivering talks at The School of Life, Guardian Masterclasses and Soho House, take look at the calendar otherwise get in touch for an off the shelf or bespoke requirement here


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Whether you are a founder or HR/Talent/L&D director looking to enhance your employees or seeking key workshops to elevate your thinking around 'happiness @ work, our workshops can fulfil your requirements.


  • An understanding of how what you’re learning will fuel your happiness and success
  • Practical knowledge and tools to transfer your learning into your own work and life
  • A homework sheet with reminders of the key points and extra exercises to test out


  • Confident in their own skills
  • Ready to tackle difficult challenges and change with gusto
  • Connected and in unison with their team
  • Able to build stronger relationships
  • Capable to lead their teams through adversity
  • Able to envision and action next steps

Off-the-shelf workshops range from 90 minutes to 3 hours to a full day workshop. They can be delivered from two to 30 people in the room. If a workshop is required for a larger audience, the content and exercises are adapted to match the audience size at an extra cost.


  • Building better (work) relationships - C / I
  • The impact of technology on our happiness at work (and life) - C / I
  • How to achieve ‘Happiness @ Work’ - C / I
  • Leadership awareness - how are you perceived?- C / I
  • How to build a portfolio career - I
  • How to overcome fear and grow in confidence - C/ I
  • Build creative, motivated and resilient teams - C
  • Multi-generational workforces- how to make it work - C
  • The future of work - C/ I
  • Employer branding for successful talent attraction - C
  • How to seek harmony in life and work over balance - C/I
  • How to stop saying yes: Why no is your new power word - C/I
  • How to fail confidently - C/I
  • How to be a Better You at work - C

bespoke AND VIRTUAL Workshops/Training Programs

Depending on availability, fully bespoke or virtual workshops and training programs can be created for organisations who are looking to resolve a specific challenge. This can take many forms from taking an initial temperature check of the company to doing happiness healthchecks with workshop participants before to creating something super unique. Often these workshops can be combined with coaching and are delivered over the course of 3-6 months (or longer) to ensure sustainable positive change.

Wherever you are in the world you can still benefit from a workshop, talk or coaching session. It' all possible as you can see from a virtual session below with Shopify in Canada.

If you would like to book a workshop in or arrange an introductory chat to help you decide which workshop to go for, please fill out a contact form here

Learning outcome EXAMPLES:

How to find Happiness @ Work

Whether you want to teach philosophy and fix motorcycles or design dresses while managing a consultancy, many of us find that no single nine-to-five job will ever fulfil all the ambitions and desires we have for our working lives. Crafting a path that integrates the life and work you want means that you can. By reinventing your working life to balance a range of different commitments, you’ll be able to embrace a collection of skill-sets, increase your earning potential, develop entrepreneurial skills, obtain the flexibility you desire for your life and future proof your career even in difficult times.

There has never been a more powerful time to figure out what being happy @ work means to you. The world of work is evolving rapidly. So whether you want to build a portfolio career or start out on your own, this session will teach you how to lay the right foundations, adapt, get creative, thrive with the right support and be happy.

Leadership Awareness - you and others

It’s a fact that leaders who know themselves well and consistently hone their leadership abilities are more effective and memorable. Have you taken the time to identify how you are perceived? What are your values, motivations and boundaries? Are they obvious to others? Leaders must take responsibility for how they are perceived and their presence. This course provides participants with ideas, techniques and tools to assist them in their leadership development journey. You will learn how to harness the power of their life story and past experiences, understand their signature motivations and values, enhance their self-awareness and discover how to improve their leadership presence and effectiveness.

The class outcomes are as follows:

  • Develop an understanding of your signature leadership values, principles and boundaries
  • Create an acute awareness of how leaders lose their way and presence during challenging times and how to overcome this.
  • Gain insights on how to build the right support teams and resources to enhance your leadership
  • Create their your own Personal Leadership Plans to ensure you are consciously self-aware throughout your life and work        


As individuals we may be highly brilliant, talented, witty and caring but few of us live or work in a vacuum; no one is an island. So it pays to learn how to cultivate and nurture relationships with others that can help us lead enriched and deeper lives as well as be successful in the workplace.

Humans are social beings. We long to be understood, accepted and feel that we belong. However we are not born with natural relationship building abilities but like all skills it can be learned and mastered if we are will to recognise the need and takes the time and effort.

This session will showcase the tools to help build better relationships with everyone by:

  • revealing the key elements of healthy relationships
  • enhancing effective emotional communication and connection skills
  • providing insights on how to respond better to others
  • identifying how to regulate conflict with others

How to be a confident entrepreneur

Starting something on your own requires tenacity, faith and patience to make it work. But there are some times when even the most resolute entrepreneur lacks self-confidence. Self-confidence is not a static trait; rather, it’s a mindset that takes effort to maintain when the going gets rough. It isn’t just the luck of the Gods or something you are born with, it’s a muscle you need to strengthen. 

This session, covers key themes around:

  • being aware of your emotions, actions and response to adversity 
  • cultivating optimism and growth mindsets to help you audit your current capabilities,
  • identify what you have yet to master and how to grow accordingly.
  • the psychology behind how you can brand yourself for success