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Happiness and change consultancy


Samantha finds joy in helping founders and leaders of fast growth tech/creative companies develop sustainable and happy organisations that support their strategic priorities. By helping companies to 'start up smart' and replace old-fashioned, boring and unsuccessful ‘people practices’ with ones that make the working day and company culture rewarding, happy and productive. Samantha & also helps professionals and entrepreneurs make necessary changes to improve their performance, satisfaction and create their version of ‘happiness @ work’ via talks at The School of Life or The Guardian. 


You’ve got a great business and you’re kicking ass slowly but surely. But being founders of a startup is hard. Long hours. Constant demands. Endless ­to­-do ­lists. And then there is the small issue of how to hire people, build teams and good relationships and create a company culture! Where’s the manual for how to do that? You realise it’s important but to be honest it keeps slipping down the list. Samantha & is here to give your company the best foundations to create a place where your employees feel happy, energised, inspired and want to be great ambassadors for your company. 

Founder strategy and coaching - If you are starting up a company or in a place of high growth and want to get your founder relationships and people strategy right from the get go, look no further.  We work with “startup leaders”, be it early-stage founders, a startup CEO/senior executive or anyone who is responsible for leading and managing people at a startup, to transition their companies from chaotic start-ups into happy and scalable businesses with strong leaders and healthy relationships.

We help to align your relationships, your company brand and employer brand goals and create a roadmap for successful and happy people retention and attraction. Find out more here

Start Up Smart - Samantha &'s aim is to give your start-up business the best head start when it comes to your people.

Coming soon is a 'sounding board' group and online portal to fuel you with everything you need to Start Up Smart from resources, contacts, training courses and downloadable templates to ensure you lay the right foundations for your company, employee and founder development. To register your interest, get in contact


Samantha offers signature topics for keynote speeches and workshops that will not only inspire your team but will talk about realistic strategies that can be implemented for long term success. If you need someone to join the dots, be a catalyst for great ideas or support and inspire your change, Samantha is here to help. Companies that have worked with Samantha love her solutions, authenticity, warm approach and creativity. 

Whether you want Samantha to kick off your conference as a keynote speaker, a business/personal motivational speaker, be the highlight as your after dinner speaker or facilitate a bespoke workshop, get in contact here or sign up below to learn more. 


Sunday eve draws to a close and that sick feeling in your stomach starts to rise. Another week approaches of blah work, office politics and uninspiring opportunities. Questions like "What am I doing with my life?”, “How did I end up here?", "Can I really find work that makes me happy and pays the bills?” constantly fill your head. Whether it's the list as long as your arm of passions/skills that you want to get clear on or the push to find the joy in your current role or gain some momentum on a new business idea, we provide the wake-up call and the support to help you face and answer the difficult question of “what to do next?” and craft a path right for you.

Signature Build a Portfolio workshop at The School of Life and The Guardian Masterclasses can help individuals keen to discover their own 'happiness at work' whether it is falling in love with their current role again, starting a portfolio career or founding a company. Find next dates see here or sign up below for future details.

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Advisory & Coaching for “Start Up Leaders” (Founders, Entrepreneurs and Executive Leaders)

Your actions as a leader should inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more..

Who IS IT For?

A “startup leader” could be an early-stage founder, startup CEO/senior executive or anyone who is responsible for leading and managing people at a startup. I enjoy working with all cool leaders from startups of all sizes and ventures at any stage are who want an innovative and new approach to a specific problem around work happiness, relationship building (business partners/employees/teams), culture development or employee retention/attraction/happiness/wellbeing. 

I strive to help individuals transition their companies from scrappy chaotic start-ups into happy and scalable businesses with strong leaders and healthy relationships

Previous Clients

Some of the areas/concerns/ questions worked on:

Improving and enhancing the relationship between founder & co-founder

  • What can I do to improve my relationship with my co-founder? I think we’re about to have a huge fight soon.
  • Investors are breathing down my neck, my team wants to know what the plan is, I barely see my boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse/kids, and I think something is wrong with me. What am I supposed to do next?
  • I want my teams to trust me/us more. I’ve got a plan I just don’t know how to bring people onboard.
  • I constantly worry about transitioning into a CEO role...will I be any good?
  • What are some tricks for getting better at setting and sticking to our goals, values and priorities?
  • I’m still in start-up mode when I know I need to switch focus to help us scale

Maximising performance amongst leaders and teams

  • How can we fix our team communication? It feels like a lot of people are getting frustrated about basic things.
  • Is it normal to feel like I am a fraud? I know they say fake it till you make it, but this new promotion feels weird.
  • We are missing crucial parts of the team, how can I hire the right people now?
  • I’m worried that we can’t attract new talent (especially technical) without big bold perks...we don’t have the funds for this yet.
  • People talk about work-life balance, how can I achieve this when our team is stressed, under pressure and demotivated?
  • How can I be more aware of the impact my behaviour has on others?

Preparing the company and people for growth with the right culture

  • How can we improve our company culture?
  • Can we take some lessons from (*insert aspirational company of choice) to build a signature training program for new hires?
  • Our management style isn’t quite right for our culture aspirations….what do we do?
  • How can we create company values that have substance?
  • I think we need to rejig our organisational design, team job specs and basically order to make this work.
  • Working remotely seems like a great way to be new-age without an office, but I barely see people  and I think our communication sucks.

Case studies

SHOPIFY - The Studio Team within Shopify in Canada

Virtual coaching and webinar delivery

What were the problems you experienced before getting a coach and specialist?

  • Trouble attracting high-level talent to grow our team
  • No direct vision on the growth of the Studio Team within Shopify
  • No significant brand equity outside of the Shopify brand umbrella
  • No specific recruitment strategy for looming projects and no talent pipeline

Why did you choose Samantha & over other existing options?

  • Samantha seemed like a good fit because she had a background in coaching and creating workshops in both the tech and creative industries and specific experience talking and developing ‘Employer Branding for Successful talent attraction’. We needed some guidance on how to make it work and align all our thoughts

What top three positive outputs/outcomes /benefits did you receive?

  • We learn a lot from Samantha and it was very useful for our team to gain insight from an outside perspective. Her advice was logical, intuitive and actionable and she was able to break down our problem - which allowed us to dissect the issue and see it on a first principles basis.
  • With Samantha’s help we have:
    • Found an employee brand manager who is dedicated to building our team and our brand
    • Created and maintained a good relationship with all liquid talent and created a formal employee engagement strategy
    • Created a succinct FAQ section to improve efficiency and establish core team values and weed out the right/wrong candidates which will go live shortly.


"It was very obvious that Samantha loves what she does and cares about helping people. She genuinely cared about the problem we were having on our team and thought very critically about what could be done to help solve it. We appreciate Samantha’s hard work and dedication. She is a very talented woman and I, and my team, enjoyed working with her" - Alexandra Middleton, Shopify Studio Team


Consult p/t as Head of Happiness - March 2014 - September 2016 - Virtual and In-Person

3 talented founders, a handful of intelligent developers, project managers and data scientists all come together to create DADI. With rapid success, it’s clear that an entirely remote working company has many pros but there are a few challenges.

What were the problems you experienced before getting a coach and specialist?

  • We needed to align our visions, goals and business development priorities for real growth
  • Coming from varied backgrounds but no real People Ops or HR experience we needed someone dedicated to help us unify the company and grow our people and culture as we scaled up.
  • We had no formal HR processes or procedures in place but didn’t want the same old outdated take on it.
  • As a remote working company, there was fragmented communication and little team development/cohesion so wanted to build culture.

Why did you choose Samantha & over other existing options?

  • Samantha had excellent experience as a professional coach, lecturer at The School of Life, a genuine love of tech start ups and a very creative and eclectic outlook. We instantly felt inspired by her energy, ideas, action points and her attention to detail with us and the employees

What positive outputs/outcomes /benefits did you receive?

  • Aligned our vision and goals strategically with business priorities
  • Implementation of a dedicated process for orientating/introducing new members to the team, created a streamlined job offering process and attracting new talent for remote teams
  • Redevelopment of the culture/employee handbook templates
  • Establishment of a DADI mentoring/coaching programme for the staff which included 6 monthly happiness chats and employee coaching over lunch/dinner for all London based ones or Skype chats for those employees  abroad
  • Organisation of monthly team nights out / events / conferences - everything from sourcing the event to booking etc which became an instant success and boosted morale
  • Planned and executed 2x annual Strategy & Get Together Retreats for entire company and families, approximately 50 people in total
  • Created an open forum for discussion & development of future DADI+ innovation
  • Streamlined the internal communication processes for the company
  • Successful and seamless growth from 7 people to 30 people and growing. Members of the DADI team successfully work all over the world now, from Taiwan, Copenhagen, Berlin, Austin to London.


"The happiness function at DADI is something we are particularly proud about and Sam has been a key factor in making it a success. We are hugely appreciative of everything Sam has done to promote the culture at DADI since she has been with us." Chris Mair, Founder, DADI

The ups and downs of a startup can really take it out on you and your partners:

Pressure from your board. From your significant others. From clients. From investors. 

But most importantly from the early fledging employees giving their all, who want to feel part of the vision and that you actually care. If you let it slip down the priority list you will end up regretting it.

What if you had someone to support you in solving this challenge?

I'm Intrigued..Tell me MORE.

We belive in a simple three step process for success;

1 -  cultivate key founder/partner and board relationships and align key values, company visions and the goal of people practices

2 - create a framework and roadmap for your signature company, culture and employee success

3 - then implement or train someone in-house to implement through our Start Up Smart programme.

Through a blend of coaching (asking you to dig deep and discover the right answers for yourself) and consulting (telling you the answers and sharing experience and knowledge) you'll be provided with a roadmap and clarity on how to:

  • Define what you want happiness @ work to look like for you and your company values
  • Help you create a culture to thrive and survive the start-up rollercoaster  
  • Identify how you will be aligned to meet and work towards your goals and objectives
  • Develop your attitude to ride through potential challenges
  • Outline how you will continue your commitment to your 'people'

What are the outcomes? 

Examples of actions/outcomes have been:

  • Stronger founder/co-founder relationships to enable a holistic vision towards success
  • A strategic happiness @ work plan, an employee-happiness journey roadmap, an implementation ‘to do’ list, a company culture handbook template or a resource/requirements list or analysis
  • A thorough ‘employer-brand’ marketing plan 
  • A thorough personalised 'employee engagement flow' strategy
  • A technical round up of the platforms and tools to implement, and/or a list of pros and cons about the options you’re considering
  • A dedicated 'happiness/people' operations roadmap for someone in-house

The Difference it will make 

Employees are the heart of your business.

Without focusing on them it's hard to create an experience and/or a company that will make them want to stay and make others join. The best way to craft a happy employee experience is to; create an authentic story based on the true beliefs and passions of the founders/partners, align this with your company's work and values and then co-create with your employees to bring it to life. 

Great! How can we get started?

This experience can be done in a variety of ways:

  • We can do it virtually
  • The face-to-face touch is also cool
  • As a bespoke company off-site where you have the space to be inspired and get creative

Throughout the process, the best secrets will be shared with you to keep you ahead of the curve with the latest thinking. Equipped with the very latest tools and techniques, you’ll develop a sustainable strategic roadmap that you can feel confident and proud of. 

All that is asked is that you be a leader/founder in a high growth company and have one of the following:

  • Raised at least one round of venture capital or be privately funded
  • A team of at least 5 employees

To find out more, get in contact today.

Speaking and Workshop Facilitation

Samantha is available for speaking engagements and workshop facilitation, panel discussions or hosting on discussing the impact of technology on our happiness, authentic leadership, managing stress, realising your potential, enhancing communication at work, employee wellbeing and development, leadership, building a portfolio career, happiness at work, increasing emotional intelligence and elevating confidence. 

Samantha will create a safe space for you to think deeply about issues that matter, have critical conversations, share your thoughts, concerns, ideas and experiences with other curious and inspired individuals.

You can see Samantha in action, regularly delivering talks at The School of Life, Guardian Masterclasses and Soho House, take look at the calendar otherwise get in touch for an off the shelf or bespoke requirement here


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Whether you are a founder or HR/Talent/L&D director looking to enhance your employees or seeking key workshops to elevate your thinking around 'happiness @ work, our workshops can fulfil your requirements.


  • An understanding of how what you’re learning will fuel your happiness and success
  • Practical knowledge and tools to transfer your learning into your own work and life
  • A homework sheet with reminders of the key points and extra exercises to test out


  • Confident in their own skills
  • Ready to tackle difficult challenges and change with gusto
  • Connected and in unison with their team
  • Able to build stronger relationships
  • Capable to lead their teams through adversity
  • Able to envision and action next steps

Off-the-shelf workshops range from 90 minutes to 3 hours to a full day workshop. They can be delivered from two to 30 people in the room. If a workshop is required for a larger audience, the content and exercises are adapted to match the audience size at an extra cost.


  • Building better (work) relationships - C / I
  • The impact of technology on our happiness at work (and life) - C / I
  • How to achieve ‘Happiness @ Work’ - C / I
  • Leadership awareness - how are you perceived?- C / I
  • How to build a portfolio career - I
  • How to overcome fear and grow in confidence - C/ I
  • Build creative, motivated and resilient teams - C
  • Multi-generational workforces- how to make it work - C
  • The future of work - C/ I
  • Employer branding for successful talent attraction - C
  • How to seek harmony in life and work over balance - C/I
  • How to stop saying yes: Why no is your new power word - C/I
  • How to fail confidently - C/I
  • How to be a Better You at work - C

bespoke AND VIRTUAL Workshops/Training Programs

Depending on availability, fully bespoke or virtual workshops and training programs can be created for organisations who are looking to resolve a specific challenge. This can take many forms from taking an initial temperature check of the company to doing happiness healthchecks with workshop participants before to creating something super unique. Often these workshops can be combined with coaching and are delivered over the course of 3-6 months (or longer) to ensure sustainable positive change.

Wherever you are in the world you can still benefit from a workshop, talk or coaching session. It' all possible as you can see from a virtual session below with Shopify in Canada.

If you would like to book a workshop in or arrange an introductory chat to help you decide which workshop to go for, please fill out a contact form here

Learning outcome EXAMPLES:

How to find Happiness @ Work

Whether you want to teach philosophy and fix motorcycles or design dresses while managing a consultancy, many of us find that no single nine-to-five job will ever fulfil all the ambitions and desires we have for our working lives. Crafting a path that integrates the life and work you want means that you can. By reinventing your working life to balance a range of different commitments, you’ll be able to embrace a collection of skill-sets, increase your earning potential, develop entrepreneurial skills, obtain the flexibility you desire for your life and future proof your career even in difficult times.

There has never been a more powerful time to figure out what being happy @ work means to you. The world of work is evolving rapidly. So whether you want to build a portfolio career or start out on your own, this session will teach you how to lay the right foundations, adapt, get creative, thrive with the right support and be happy.

Leadership Awareness - you and others

It’s a fact that leaders who know themselves well and consistently hone their leadership abilities are more effective and memorable. Have you taken the time to identify how you are perceived? What are your values, motivations and boundaries? Are they obvious to others? Leaders must take responsibility for how they are perceived and their presence. This course provides participants with ideas, techniques and tools to assist them in their leadership development journey. You will learn how to harness the power of their life story and past experiences, understand their signature motivations and values, enhance their self-awareness and discover how to improve their leadership presence and effectiveness.

The class outcomes are as follows:

  • Develop an understanding of your signature leadership values, principles and boundaries
  • Create an acute awareness of how leaders lose their way and presence during challenging times and how to overcome this.
  • Gain insights on how to build the right support teams and resources to enhance your leadership
  • Create their your own Personal Leadership Plans to ensure you are consciously self-aware throughout your life and work        


As individuals we may be highly brilliant, talented, witty and caring but few of us live or work in a vacuum; no one is an island. So it pays to learn how to cultivate and nurture relationships with others that can help us lead enriched and deeper lives as well as be successful in the workplace.

Humans are social beings. We long to be understood, accepted and feel that we belong. However we are not born with natural relationship building abilities but like all skills it can be learned and mastered if we are will to recognise the need and takes the time and effort.

This session will showcase the tools to help build better relationships with everyone by:

  • revealing the key elements of healthy relationships
  • enhancing effective emotional communication and connection skills
  • providing insights on how to respond better to others
  • identifying how to regulate conflict with others

How to be a confident entrepreneur

Starting something on your own requires tenacity, faith and patience to make it work. But there are some times when even the most resolute entrepreneur lacks self-confidence. Self-confidence is not a static trait; rather, it’s a mindset that takes effort to maintain when the going gets rough. It isn’t just the luck of the Gods or something you are born with, it’s a muscle you need to strengthen. 

This session, covers key themes around:

  • being aware of your emotions, actions and response to adversity 
  • cultivating optimism and growth mindsets to help you audit your current capabilities,
  • identify what you have yet to master and how to grow accordingly.
  • the psychology behind how you can brand yourself for success



Keynote on " How to Be Happy"  for whole company away day

Keynote on "How to Be Happy" for whole company away day

"A HUGE thank you Samantha! The delivery and content was incredible! The content was spot on for our requirements and we couldn't have picked a better speaker for our employees. Look forward to working with you again" Josh Krichefski, CEO, MediaCom UK

"An absolutely flawless talk"

"She was my favourite talk of the day"

"Loved her presentation, so much food for thought"

DADI - Happiness and Change consulting

DADI - Happiness and Change consulting

"The happiness function at DADI+ is something we are particularly proud about and Sam has been a key factor in making it a success. We are hugely appreciative of everything Sam has done to promote the culture at DADI+ since she has been with us." Chris Mair, Founder, DADI+

Studio Team - virtual consulting

Studio Team - virtual consulting

"It was very obvious that Samantha loves what she does and cares about helping people. She genuinely cared about the problem we were having on our team and thought very critically about what could be done to help solve it. We appreciate Samantha’s hard work and dedication. She is a very talented woman and I, and my team, enjoyed working with her" - Alexandra Middleton, Shopify Studio Team

2hr " Leadership Awareness Workshop"  as part of a management away day

2hr "Leadership Awareness Workshop" as part of a management away day

"Thank you very much for your time today. The workshop and content was spot on! Had some great feedback from the team already! Success!" Adrian Allen, Operations and Chief Talent Director at AKA UK


“I LOVED the content of this and the theory/deeper thinking involved. We all did on our table. Was a great bonding mechanic as took us somewhat away from our work heads.”

“Some very interesting points in her presentation eg personal blind spots”

“Refreshing. Direct. Informative. Tangible. Challenging and Motivating.”

“Professional and concise delivery.”

“Positive session with definite things to take away. My favourite of the day.”

“Some interesting and fresh perspectives and really helped us self analysis. Would like to work with her for a smaller group workshop e.g. Account Directors or HODs.”

“She is someone I'd like to have one to one training with.”

“Brilliant workshop leader, follow up workshops would be really useful.”

Masterclass on tackling challenges and building resilience as an entrepreneur

Masterclass on tackling challenges and building resilience as an entrepreneur

We were hosting masterclass events for budding entrepreneurs and small business owners as part of Global Entrepreneur Week. We needed a Masterclass Lead to run an interactive development session for 45minutes on 'Taking on Challenges and developing resilience in entrepreneurs and Samantha was a great fit. She has worked with founders in the past and met expectations in her delivery of the masterclass. 

The attendees were able to go away with practical tips to improve resilience, techniques for recognising the importance of building an entrepreneurial support network and the skills to create the right frameworks for success. 
Samantha contributed to a smooth-running, successful masterclass event and is an excellent speaker who engages with her audience and provides practical tips to help them develop personally. I would recommend her to anyone considering booking her. Jen Welch and Natalie Campbell, Virgin Media Pioneers & A Very Good Company

Founder consulting and coaching 

Founder consulting and coaching 

We got Samantha on board to manage a process of change within our rapidly expanding business.  We are a family run business and with changing roles. Tricia moving from MD to CEO and myself into MD. There was a need for clarity and understanding so that we could successfully transition into the next phase of the business. As well build company culture and happiness foundations to take on new hires successfully after investment.

I met Samantha when she was running a leadership course at The Guardian. She talked about her work with businesses and I liked her relaxed but effective style of training.  

The top three things Samantha has instilled in me so far are:

  • An elevated belief in myself and my capabilities to be a strong and compassionate leader
  • A framework of systems and processes to help me know what's going on in the business from a people (and financial) perspective.
  • The confidence to push back and to assert myself effectively when challenged by those around me (i.e investors, board)

Samantha has been great for seeing what the issues are and diving straight into solve them. Within 10 minutes of starting the coaching session, she had me doing role plays. It's not just talking, it's definitely action too!  She also followed up with lots of notes which will help me to sustain what I learnt in our sessions.

I really enjoyed working with Samantha - she was fun to be with, personable, intellectually inquisitive, business savvy and our sessions flew by.  Anna Cusden, MD, Look Fabulous Forever

Speaker at innocent un-plugged and workshop facilitation

Speaker at innocent un-plugged and workshop facilitation

We worked with Samantha for innocent un-plugged, a two day ‘off the grid’ event which encouraged people to get off line and get back to nature. Samantha was part of our ‘Inspires’ stage line up, and it’s fair to say her talk was one of the most popular of the weekend, with a very enthusiastic and engaged audience.

Off the back of her innocent un-plugged talk, we invited Samantha to work with us on our Coconut Water campaign. With the theme of the campaign being ‘always chilled’, Samantha really brought this to life with a workshop on how to 'stay chilled' in difficult situations such as co-worker relationships, workplace conflict and feelings of anxiety or overwhelm. 

Samantha’s personable manner, and honest informative presentations really engaged the crowd and we found that people were very willing to speak about themselves and pose questions in a relaxed setting. We could instantly see how valuable it was to have someone who was qualified to talk on the very subjective topic of ‘happiness’.

Book a good amount of time for Q&As after her talks as her content also provokes food for thought and plenty of questions; don’t underestimate how interested people are in pursuing their own happiness at work (and in life)! From a professional perspective, we would 100% work with Samantha for either press campaigns, festivals or internal workshops again. On a personal level, she has been a delight to work with and willing to go the extra mile. Eleanor O’Leary, UK PR Manager

Opening keynote on Happiness at Work

Opening keynote on Happiness at Work

It was a pleasure working with Samantha for our 4th Annual of GOV HR Summit that took place in Abu Dhabi. Her keynote on happiness gave the perfect opening start for the summit. Linking happiness to the HR role and making the government and public sector entities in the region understand the model for implementation was the key objective of the session which was brilliantly delivered. Given the emphasis on driving happiness in the UAE to boost employee productivity and building a positive and coherent society, we couldn’t have made a better choice for the session at such a critical event, that brings together government officials from across the GCC. We hope to work with her again!! Ms. Prachi Dawar, Head Conference Producer, GOV HR Summit, QNA International LLC, Dubai, UAE

Full day workshop on 'Potential' for Senior team leaders, Heads of LD & HR

Full day workshop on 'Potential' for Senior team leaders, Heads of LD & HR

Samantha lead an excellent day workshop on 'potential', which sparked our curiosity about the working of our own minds and the world around us. Pizza Hut is in the business of serving others, of looking after people while they are with us for an hour or so. This makes us dependent on the mindset and behaviours of every single 'Hutter'. So, a crucial question for us was 'how do we get the best out of ourselves and our teams?'. Samantha helped us do this with confidence, grace, insightful intellect and practical examples to get us thinking of how we could bring about the best of every single 'Hutter'. Vanessa Dodd (Head of L&D) & Kathryn Austin (HR & Marketing Director), Pizza Hut .

Panel, report contributor and workshop facilitator

Panel, report contributor and workshop facilitator

"I had the pleasure to work with Samantha earlier this year as part of a report a client had commissioned on the power of colour. I came across Samantha purely by chance when researching happiness consultants. Samantha was a key contributor to our report and also attended an event with us in Barcelona attended by some of the worlds leading colourists in the industry. Her warm, natural and sunny approach made Samantha the perfect speak on our panel of experts. We look forward to working with her again in the future." Suzy Socker, Associate Director, Ketchum

Build a Portfolio Career Workshop

Participant feedback

Growth & HapPiness School

The Growth & Happiness school is the home of innovative training programmes and online courses designed by Samantha to help both individuals and corporates find more happiness at work in sustainable and measurable ways.

For Corporates 

Growth & Happiness Programme is online programme for managers or leaders keen to learn happiness techniques and implement robust happiness and wellbeing programmes for modern day workplaces

Be Happy First -  online program for corporates and employees providing a clear roadmap to help individuals consistently feel good, function effectively at work and be more productive. The 7-step programme provides a busy-proof toolkit of happiness and wellbeing approaches that enable individuals to confidently navigate the natural highs and lows of work (& life). 

FOR Individuals

Our signature - 'Create Growth & Happiness at work' - become a happiness consultant training is  the ONLY ICF ACCREDITED COURSE that is for and speaks directly to the individual, ready to skyrocket their own happiness at work, make real changes in the workplace for others and add a new skill-set to your toolkit...

Find Your Work Happiness - Are you stuck in a job you hate? Thinking about a career change, but are yet to take the leap? Worried you might be throwing away your years of experience or training? Confused by all your multiple passions and ideas but not sure how to make them make money? This unique coaching experience will once and for all help you nail down what your work happiness should look like and how to make it happen, with a clear roadmap for each step to take and expert advice on how to combine your multiple skills and interests into a thriving (portfolio) career



What does growth and happiness at work look like to you?

Is it fake smiles above your computer, clearing your inbox each day before after-work drinks or the absence of negativity?


Is it listening to and understanding what your team needs to flourish? 

The time and ability to engage with your colleagues socially? 

Creating an environment where your people bring their best self to work each day?

Knowing your company has systems in place to prevent tech burnout?

If you believe in the last four questions, you have what it takes to be a create growth & happiness for others at work