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A Mindful Moment with Khoollect

Khoollect invites you to share a mindful moment  #AMindfulMomentWithKhoollect

Centred on mindful practices, sustainability, minimalism and happiness, Khoollect’s ‘mindful moment’ event will bring together four experts on these subjects to speak at Habitat’s King’s Road Platform space in central London. 

- See more at: http://khoollect.com/lifestyle/mindful-moment-event/#sthash.S8IdJ6w7.dpuf

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Do Lectures - Stress and Happiness

Do Stress. One-day event. London. Oct 14th. 

As business owners, as startup entrepreneurs, as CEO’s of well-known companies, how do we look after our people. It’s an important question.

The purpose of the day is to help us as business owners, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, HR directors, to understand stress better. So we can shape our companies to look after our people better. A company that creates a culture that does that will do better in the long-term. Simple, really.


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