In order to understand the world, one has to turn away from it on occasion.




Are you sick and tired of your current role?

Confused and daunted by entrepreneurship, self-employement or portfolio careers?

Want to make real changes to how you work to better your life and relationships? 

Keen to identify the magic recipe for a signature roadmap to your personal happiness @ work?


This weekend will help you:

  • INNOVATE - identify ways to create work happiness that is revolutionary, exciting, sustainable and successful for you
  • EXPLORE - The answers and overcome the emotional blocks from questions that plagued you like - “What’s next for me?”, “What am I really here to do?”,“What type of work would really make me happy?”, "How do I make money from my passions?"
  • PLAN - Design and implement a step by step plan that will anchor and sustain you through the sea of career transition options and help you keep momentum.

Over a weekend, join up to 12 other individuals to immerse yourself in the adventure of crafting and creating a path towards your 'happiness @ work'.

Who is this for?

Individuals that are:

  • Professionals in transition either looking for a shift in sector or job
  • People who want to fall in love with their current role again
  • New to Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurs in transition

What will we cover?

  • FOUNDATIONS - a facilitated vision and goal setting session to allow you to think about the ‘big picture’, identify & align your core work/life values and lay the right foundations for your work goals
  • 'HAPPY WORK' STYLES - determine the right way of working for you and how to logically discover and formulate a founder style (be it a portfolio career, shift in professions/sectors or something entrepreneurial) that works for you and your life.
  • CLARITY - use your signature founder style to create a roadmap and strategy to outline your actions for 'happiness @ work' in the short/mid/long term
  • MINDSET -  to overcome the annoying mental blocks, inner critics and fears hindering your creativity and confidence to forge a growth mindset
  • AWARENESS- fine tune and develop your own self-leadership awareness and personal brand skills 'toolkit' necessary to achieve founder success
  • NETWORK - identify how to find and build the right support network to sustain you on your founder journey


I try to ensure that all my workshops include practical and actionable advice, real-life examples and trusted resources. Have a look at what my recent participants have said about the numerous workshops I have written and/or taught.

Where will I be after attending this weekend?


  • IN CONTROL - The current climate politically and economically isn’t stable. This is your chance to take charge, make a change and find your happiness at work irrespective of what’s happening in the world.
  • FULL OF STRATEGIC CLARITY - A solid roadmap and implementation tools for the short/mid/long term.
  • ARMED WITH HAPPINESS KNOW-HOW - To help you know the 'what, why and how' to leap forward with confidence and have a logical structure to create work / life harmony right for you.
  • CONFIDENT - Feel prepared and knowledgeable to tackle change head on and with success.
  • SUPPORTED - With Samantha and fellow game-changers you can call on for support, accountability, collective thinking and collaboration.

Happiness at work - Creative Workshop

Take charge of your own destiny

The Nitty Gritty

Your investment of £995 includes:

  • From 22-23rd October 2016 - Two days from 10-5pm devoted to investing in you
  • Happiness cocktail dinner on the Saturday night at a top London private dining venue. Here we will relax after the first day, connect, support and network with each other, laugh and reflect over some good food.
  • Includes all food during the Saturday and Sunday - breakfast, lunch, snacks and refreshments
  • Alongside the workshops and group discussions each participant will get an hour of coaching with Samantha to use after the weekend to keep the momentum up!
  • This is non-residential and the first one held in London - accomodation suggestions for those out of London can be provided
  • Complete the application form below or email sam [@] samanthaand [dot] co to register interest for a place and discover payment plan options


Dates and Location?

Dates: 22-23rd October 2016

Location: Address available on application, London, UK

How do I sign up? 

To register your interest and find out more and discover payment plans, please submit the application below. 

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