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JULY 2016

Happiness @ work gems for companies & founders

“How to foster good ideas from the inside” - Cultivate a space where employees can make your product/service better for all - Read more

“Employees are more likely to be engaged at work when companies offer learning and development opportunities” - 10 Companies with Great Learning and Development Programs - Read more

Happiness @ work inspiration for individuals

Selected books I've read this month and you should too!

100 Year Life - This books looks at how to prepare for longevity by interrogating the way we currently live our lives and our attitudes to careers & work. How can we better at ‘transitioning’ to make the most of opportunities and to open up and find new networks to access alternative information to tackle challenges in new ways.

The Life Changing Magic of not giving a F+++ - Love this book! Sick and tired of people pleasing or want to know what to prioritise in your life to strike a harmony between work & life. Read! Yes the profanity is a bit gimmicky but this has helped me declutter mentally, physically and emotionally.

Aug 2016

Happiness @ work gems for companies & founders

  • Love this initiative - Returnships - like an internship but not, with the aim to help caregivers (be it woman or man) back into work after having kids or an extended break - read more here What can you do as an employer to prevent losing talent, especially women from your company?

  • Annual reviews, a bit blah? Want to give more authentic feedback at work? This is always a hot topic for my clients. I’d recommend this approach too, so give it a try - read more here


Are you in transition from a fairly corporate job into something creative? Do you have a portfolio career but can’t find the theme to hook your personal brand onto? Hopefully this podcast will help


Sept 2016

Happiness @ work gems for companies & founders

What does your employee engagement journey look like? From your career page to the time someone joins you to the minute they decide to leave, that journey needs to be consistent which your employer brand, values and mission. I love Heineken’s new online recruiting ad, it has personality,  wit and goes a long way to distil the energy of the company. "Heineken revolves around the personality of their employees, and they want these personalities to thrive." (director Lennart Verstegen). The ad takes viewers to a website where applicants respond to 12 questions based on the Enneagram model, at the end they are shown their personality type and potential job openings. Check it out here

  • Obviously this is big budget stuff but if you take it down a notch and ask yourselves

    • How can you shake up your recruitment process to attract the type of new talent you want?

    • Can you create a manifesto for what your company ethos and culture?

    • If you went to your company website and looked at your career page...would you apply for a job?


Me, Myself and Us - If you fancy a it of personality exploration and discovery, this one is for you! It took a while to warm up to this one, not sure why I procrastinated around it but I’m glad I immersed myself in it finally. Its help me answer some more choiceful questions about how I show up around others and what might be helping or hindering my development, conversations and work/life. Give it a whirl and let me know your feedback…

OCT 2016


One of key actions I’ve helped start up leaders and HR Directors do is create standout Culture Handbooks. Embedding your new hire from the get go is top priority. Move beyond the bland basic introductions, details around safety/logins/start times and get to the heart of what you are about and why! A culture handbook is a priceless way to get new hires acquainted with the history of the company and the future, the products/services and new innovations, your USP, values and ambitions and last but not least the PEOPLE. NOBL have created an A-Z of some of the best culture handbooks out there. Get inspired here

Happiness @ Work Inspiration For Individuals

This week I want to discuss how we can find more peace and happiness navigating certain tricky characters at work

‘How do I deal with a wishy washy colleague?' - i.e. working with someone can’t stick to a decision that has ripple effects on you and everyone else.

  • Ask yourself initially

    • Are there any other factors that could be affecting their decision making?

    • What would be the impact of inaction around this on you, your team and the business?

    • What are the ripple effects if you do or do not have a conversation?

  • If you decide to approach them, start off by placing yourself in their shoes. Don’t go in all guns blazing and avoid defensive/judgemental statements have more of a curious and open stance -

    • E.g. I noticed since our last conversation that you have changed your mind around X, could you let me know a little bit more about your thinking on this?

  • Provide some useful ways to create harmony in the situation

    • If you change your mind between conversations, perhaps it might be helpful to let me know the reasoning behind the pivot. I think it is important for myself and my team to get clarity on what’s happened and understand your thinking

  • Use these moments as opportunities for growth - what have you learnt about yourself, what are your triggers around someone who is unclear and indecisive and how can you create a smoother working relationship moving forwards.

  • What if you are the individual who changes their mind frequently? How can you ask for space/time to make a more conscious decision vs just going with the flow or treating commitments casually?

NOV 2016

Happiness @ Work Gems For Companies & Founders

  • Should you help employees quit and find happiness at work elsewhere? This company sits down with every employee who's stayed for three years to plan their career options—within the firm and without. Read here

  • Diverse teams...are they smarter? David Rock and Heidi Grant Halvorson have set out to prove that diverse teams are smarter. They cite multiple studies proving that diverse teams focus more on facts, process those facts more carefully and are more innovative. Read here 


Book recommendation!

Tech vs Humanity with Gerd Leonhard.

I’m a massive tech geek and whilst technology has it’s plus points I’m also a little skeptical about how far we should go with some technological developments and what impact they will have on us as humans. Gerd is a futurist exploring humanity’s biggest challenge (alongside Brexit, Trump leadership, climate change and so on) the incredible pace and growth of technology and its effects on how we will work and live our lives in the future and some potential remedies. Stay ahead of the curve and grab yourself a copy!

Jan 2017


  • The Three Cs you need to recruit a great team. Jordon Ritter, CEO of Atlas and formerly Napster discusses the principles of culture, capacity and craft to create winning teams. Read here

  • What makes a good manager? Rob Cahill discusses the personal and professional interactions that can shape your 'management' journey. Read here 

Happiness @ Work Inspiration For Individuals

Is your New Year's resolution to speak up for yourself at work? After leading a workshop on stress recently, a key reoccurring theme seem to be about navigating heavy workloads. How do you tell your boss you have too much on your plate? 

  • Seek support and advice - firstly get some outside perspective on what you currently have on and whether or not you are

    • underestimating your timings

    • prioritising the right things

    • taking on more that you can handle and complete effectively

  • Lean into your boss for some coaching and support

    • Ask them if you are tackling a project in the most time-efficient manner

    • Be clear on what you are having difficulties with and ask for advice on how you might find alternative solutions

  • Be candid and honest but also offer up solutions. If something is getting the way of you achieving your personal or your team's goal, it's important not to suffer in silence. If you are finding certain process tedious or particular meetings not as useful, make suggestions on new ways of working that will benefit.

  • Confide in your co-workers. If you are having a problems and it's falling on deaf ears with your boss, a conversation with co-workers builds trust and understanding. They may be able to help, pick up the slack or offer new solutions to a problem you've been dealing with for ages.

  • Get 'No' fit! Don't be afraid to say 'no' or add a disclaimer if extra work is being pushed your way at the detriment of what's currently on your plate. You might say, 'If I say yes to this right now I'm conscious it's a distraction way from X or Y that needs to be done. So I am saying no in this instance.' Provide a postponement to your boss....'I've got to complete X by this date however I will have space on Friday to look at this. If it needs to be done before then, what should we reprioritise to make it work?'

FEB 2017


  • Should we design offices like bars? - To make workers happier in both social and professional structures at work, we need to understand how to manufacture more eye-to-eye happenstances. By this logic, in order to facilitate communication and collaboration, we should make our workplaces more like bars. Read here

  • Scaling start-up culture - Jessica Chen, a member of the Product team at TransferWise, shares how they are trying to preserve the best parts of startup culture as they grow. Read here