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Happiness and change consultancy


A healthy outside starts from the inside
Health Check

What is it?

The Happiness Health check provides you with a critical overview of what is working in your company - and what is not. We provide these for companies that are already working remotely but this health check can also be used to determine the success of potential moving agile/ remote in the future.

This analysis runs a full employee engagement audit, to help you review your current employee engagement status, strategy and activities and where you should be heading. 

We look over three key areas:

  • Strategic story and narrative
  • Leadership
  • Employee happiness

What will this health check do for our company? 

The results of your health check will enable you to build a robust employee engagement plan of action aligned to the goals of your business. Our unique approach involves: 

  • Has the board and senior management bought into a signature employee experience strategy and plans? Has it been articulated well? Does a strategy even exist?

  • Do you have HR/People ops/Employee experience person in place? Do they understand the remote/agile world? Who are the leaders/managers to drive a new employee experiences/happiness agenda forward? What skills do they need to do this?

  • Do employees have a voice and a chance to co-create this change? How involved are they in the business? Do you encourage intrapreneurial thinking to increase happiness, change and wellbeing in your company?

  • Happiness chats to discover current and real issues at heart with key individuals across the company

We have a range of diagnostic tools, which we use to understand how well your organisation is set up to deliver your employee engagement and happiness objectives. 

We’ll assess your performance against the three key areas, before producing a full report of our findings and recommendations. Following our research phase, we’ll present the results back to you and your key stakeholders. The Happiness Health check helps you to identify the problematic areas - enabling you to focus your activity in the right places. We will demonstrate how ready you are for change and if it can be sustained in the long run.

just what we need! Anything else we need to know?

The Happiness Health check costs from just £8,500 for a full audit, and can be completed within just 8 weeks. We are also able to amend our signature approach to accommodate different budgets – get in touch to see how we can create something bespoke to you.

Leadership and Implementation Training

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.

WHAT will this course do for me?

The 'Remote Employee Happiness Course™' is our signature course. By the end of the course, participants will be employee happiness and engagement gurus, and most importantly will have the knowledge and skills to go out into their company and improve the employee experience for the better. This is the only course available dedicated to training you on how to manage, get the best out of and enhance the growth and happiness of remote working teams and employees

Who is it for?

To assist with rolling out a commitment to employee engagement and happiness, Samantha & will provide training to the following groups

  • Leaders of tech start ups and companies already remote and those wishing to go remote who don't have the luxury of an in house HR/People Ops/Employee experience/Happiness role
  • Team leaders and line managers who are leading or have been promoted to lead remote teams 
  • Individuals promoted into HR/People Ops/Employee experience/Happiness roles in a remote/agile working company
  • HR/People Ops individuals moving from traditional corporate backgrounds into a remote working environment

Course Layout

The course is divided into 5 key sections:


  • The future of work and what it means. The shift in work/life integration, changing attitudes of millennials and women in the workforce, global recruitment, cross-cultural issues and borderless working, shifts in managerial thinking, increased emphasis on wellbeing and increasing technological change
  • Why we need to change perspective on engagement, happiness and well-being and what this means for remote/agile working environments
  • The role that a new kind of People Ops/HR has to play in this type of work environment - more employee experience driven, equipt at building better distance relationships and innovative in terms of culture design when there is no physical space
  • Understand the importance of up-skilling managers/leaders etc on how to manage, engage and promote happiness in remote teams effectively for company success
  • Harness the power of new technology and apps to improve distance communication engagement and happiness
  • Case studies to showcase how it works


  • An introduction to the importance of employee happiness, wellness and engagement in a remote/agile environment and how this impacts success
  • Developing a cohesive and cemented employee happiness and wellness culture and why you need one in a remote/agile environment
  • The psychology of employee happiness and engagement in a remote/agile office - how to get to grips with this new way of working and what you will need to let go of
  • Innovating your company culture to retain and attract the right employees for remote/agile environments


  • Practical remote employee engagement and happiness: tools, technology and techniques to make it happen
  • Developing employee engagement and happiness processes to make sure your values are sustained
  • Mapping and setting up your own signature The remote employee engagement flow™ that works for you.


  • Building leaders as better communicators - identify how to champion teams and build better relationships across distance
  • Identifying how to build trust across distance
  • Identifying how team leaders & line managers can create optimal remote employee engagement and happiness experiences that elevate the employee virtually, emotionally, intellectually and aspirationally
  • Harnessing co-creation and experimentation with remote employees to build a happiness environment that works for them


  • Measuring, sustaining, maintaining and managing employee engagement and happiness
  • Continuous employee engagement and happiness strategies
  • What’s next

Sounds Perfect! Anything else We Should know?

This robust training course that can be taken in three ways:

  • In-house - 5 days in total with a week between each for application 
  • A week long intensive retreat planned to perfection by Samantha & 
  • COMING SOON - Virtual Online Training with the opportunity to meet other peers globally in the same situation. The self-directed learning course is split over 5 modules with material in video, audio and written format with a forum for shared learning. It will include monthly coaching calls lead by a Samantha & facilitator for Q&As and structured deep dives.

The course costs vary depending on delivery. Please get in contact for more details.