Growth & HapPiness School

The Growth & Happiness school is the home of innovative training programmes and online courses designed by Samantha to help both individuals and corporates find more happiness at work in sustainable and measurable ways.

For Corporates 

Growth & Happiness Programme is online programme for managers or leaders keen to learn happiness techniques and implement robust happiness and wellbeing programmes for modern day workplaces

Be Happy First -  online program for corporates and employees providing a clear roadmap to help individuals consistently feel good, function effectively at work and be more productive. The 7-step programme provides a busy-proof toolkit of happiness and wellbeing approaches that enable individuals to confidently navigate the natural highs and lows of work (& life). 

FOR Individuals

Our signature - 'Create Growth & Happiness at work' - become a happiness consultant training is  the ONLY ICF ACCREDITED COURSE that is for and speaks directly to the individual, ready to skyrocket their own happiness at work, make real changes in the workplace for others and add a new skill-set to your toolkit...

Find Your Work Happiness - Are you stuck in a job you hate? Thinking about a career change, but are yet to take the leap? Worried you might be throwing away your years of experience or training? Confused by all your multiple passions and ideas but not sure how to make them make money? This unique coaching experience will once and for all help you nail down what your work happiness should look like and how to make it happen, with a clear roadmap for each step to take and expert advice on how to combine your multiple skills and interests into a thriving (portfolio) career



What does growth and happiness at work look like to you?

Is it fake smiles above your computer, clearing your inbox each day before after-work drinks or the absence of negativity?


Is it listening to and understanding what your team needs to flourish? 

The time and ability to engage with your colleagues socially? 

Creating an environment where your people bring their best self to work each day?

Knowing your company has systems in place to prevent tech burnout?

If you believe in the last four questions, you have what it takes to be a create growth & happiness for others at work