Samantha finds joy in helping founders and leaders of fast growth tech/creative companies develop sustainable and happy organisations that support their strategic priorities. By helping companies to 'start up smart' and replace old-fashioned, boring and unsuccessful ‘people practices’ with ones that make the working day and company culture rewarding, happy and productive. Samantha & also helps professionals and entrepreneurs make necessary changes to improve their performance, satisfaction and create their version of ‘happiness @ work’ via talks at The School of Life or The Guardian. 


You’ve got a great business and you’re kicking ass slowly but surely. But being founders of a startup is hard. Long hours. Constant demands. Endless ­to­-do ­lists. And then there is the small issue of how to hire people, build teams and good relationships and create a company culture! Where’s the manual for how to do that? You realise it’s important but to be honest it keeps slipping down the list. Samantha & is here to give your company the best foundations to create a place where your employees feel happy, energised, inspired and want to be great ambassadors for your company. 

Founder strategy and coaching - If you are starting up a company or in a place of high growth and want to get your founder relationships and people strategy right from the get go, look no further.  We work with “startup leaders”, be it early-stage founders, a startup CEO/senior executive or anyone who is responsible for leading and managing people at a startup, to transition their companies from chaotic start-ups into happy and scalable businesses with strong leaders and healthy relationships.

We help to align your relationships, your company brand and employer brand goals and create a roadmap for successful and happy people retention and attraction. Find out more here

Start Up Smart - Samantha &'s aim is to give your start-up business the best head start when it comes to your people.

Coming soon is a 'sounding board' group and online portal to fuel you with everything you need to Start Up Smart from resources, contacts, training courses and downloadable templates to ensure you lay the right foundations for your company, employee and founder development. To register your interest, get in contact


Samantha offers signature topics for keynote speeches and workshops that will not only inspire your team but will talk about realistic strategies that can be implemented for long term success. If you need someone to join the dots, be a catalyst for great ideas or support and inspire your change, Samantha is here to help. Companies that have worked with Samantha love her solutions, authenticity, warm approach and creativity. 

Whether you want Samantha to kick off your conference as a keynote speaker, a business/personal motivational speaker, be the highlight as your after dinner speaker or facilitate a bespoke workshop, get in contact here or sign up below to learn more. 


Sunday eve draws to a close and that sick feeling in your stomach starts to rise. Another week approaches of blah work, office politics and uninspiring opportunities. Questions like "What am I doing with my life?”, “How did I end up here?", "Can I really find work that makes me happy and pays the bills?” constantly fill your head. Whether it's the list as long as your arm of passions/skills that you want to get clear on or the push to find the joy in your current role or gain some momentum on a new business idea, we provide the wake-up call and the support to help you face and answer the difficult question of “what to do next?” and craft a path right for you.

Signature Build a Portfolio workshop at The School of Life and The Guardian Masterclasses can help individuals keen to discover their own 'happiness at work' whether it is falling in love with their current role again, starting a portfolio career or founding a company. Find next dates see here or sign up below for future details.