If you are looking for support and one to one coaching to nail down your work happiness and create a clear roadmap for each step, let’s work together. Together we identify ways to help you to :

  • “Love it” – find ways to fall in love with your current role and cultivate your work happiness inside your existing company


  • “Leave It” - know how to parcel up your skills and move on. Whether you want to renegotiate the terms of your current role and do that alongside another passion, freelance, or move sectors completely.

If you don’t want to tread this path alone, I’m here to give you a helping hand, be the trusted advisor you can lean on and provide you the strategic insight to make the best possible moves forward towards your goal. I’ll show up for you continuously and wholeheartedly and hope that you will do the same time. If you are ready to go on a work happiness adventure, get in touch now.

I needed help with finding a good transition from academia to the 'real-world' job market. After having finished my PhD and having worked as a Postdoc, I had no idea how I could transfer my skills into business terms for a CV - and more than that, I did not know what options would be out there that would fit my skills and interests. 

In our strategy session Samantha helped me to identify my professional interests beyond academia, uncover new possibilities and professional paths, and it specifically helped me to tailor my CV and draft a cover letter. It personally helped me to feel more confident to apply for a variety of jobs, as I discovered how broad my professional potential acutally is. Samantha suggested various next steps to take, including which specific engines to use for jobs, resources & articles about how to transition from academia into a business career, how to reach out & communicate with experts in the job fields I'm interested in and how to further improve my CV or Linkedin profile. I have been very motivated since then and several doors have opened already.  If you feel confused and disordered about your future job perspective, I'd highly recommend working with Samantha.”